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Scientific program

09:00 - 09:15Welcome
Session I
Basic Mechanisms in Regulating Immune Responses
Chaired by Siroon Bekkering (Netherlands) and Tania Crişan (Romania)
09:15 - 10:00Keynote Lecture
Metabolic Pathways in Modulating Immunity
Luke O’Neill (Ireland)
10:00 - 10:30Invited speaker
Towards effective host-directed therapy for tuberculosis
Reinout van Crevel (Netherlands)
10:30 - 10:45Invited speaker
Genetic regulation of immune responses
Anca Riza (Romania)
10:45 - 11:00Selected oral from abstracts
Itaconate and its derivatives induce long-term innate immune responses and
confer protection against infections through trained immunity
Anaisa Ferreira (Netherlands)
11:00 - 11:30Break
11:30 - 12:00Invited speaker
Regulation of T-reg function
Giuseppe Matarese (Italy)
12:00 - 12:30Invited speaker
Immunology of mRNA vaccines
Botond Igyarto (USA)
12:30 - 12:45Selected oral from abstracts
Integrated single-cell analysis reveals adjuvant mediated epigenomic
reprogramming of human bone marrow progenitors
Yutaka Negishi (Netherlands)
12:45 - 14:00Lunch
Session II
Trained Immunity: The Innate Immune Memory of Host Defense
Chaired by Jorge Domínguez-Andrés (Netherlands) and Anaísa Ferreira (Netherlands)
14:00 - 14:30Invited speaker
Trained immunity as a treatment approach in cancer
Triantafyllos Chavakis (Germany)
14:30 - 15:00Invited speaker
Innate immune mechanisms in tuberculosis
Maziar Divangahi (Canada)
15:00 - 15:15Selected oral from abstracts
Training innate immunity in zebrafish using Shigella
Margarida Gomes (United Kingdom)
15:15 - 15:45Break
15:45 - 16:00Invited speaker
Cross-generational transmission of trained immunity
Jorge Domínguez-Andrés (Netherlands)
16:00 - 16:30Invited speaker
Myeloid cell reprogramming in chronic inflammation
George Hajishengallis (USA)
16:30 - 17:00Invited speaker
Neonatal BCG vaccination is associated with a long-term DNA methylation
signature in circulating monocytes
Boris Novakovic (Australia)
16:45 - 17:15Selected oral from abstracts
Sex bias in trained immunity: a progesterone-based mechanism attenuates
female secondary responses that can lead to decreased survival from infection
Alexander Earhart (USA)
17.15 - 19.00 Poster session (I)
19:00End of program day 1
On own for dinner

Speakers Dinner
Session III
Inflammation and Disease
Chaired by Anna Aschenbrenner (Germany) and Boris Novakovic (Australia)
09:00 - 09:30Invited speaker
Immunotherapy of severe infections
Nikos Antonakos (Greece)
09:30 - 09:45Invited speaker
The role of inflammation in gout
Tania Crisan (Romania)
09:45 - 10:00Invited speaker
Trained immunity in cardiovascular disease
Siroon Bekkering (Netherlands)
10:00 - 10:15Selected oral from abstracts
Downregulation of genes of the type 1 interferon signaling pathway in uratetreated
PBMCs and primary cells of hyperuricemic people
Medeea Badi (Romania)
10:15 - 10:45Break
10:45 - 11:15Invited speaker
Systems biology to understand diseases
Yang Li (Germany)
11:15 - 11:45Invited speaker
Trained immunity in organ transplantation
Raphael Duivenwoorden (Netherlands)
11:45 - 12:00Selected oral from abstracts
Kinase activity profiling in mevalonate kinase deficiency
Frouwkje Politiek (Netherlands)
12:00 - 12:15Selected oral from abstracts
Innate immune cells´ cytokine production is regulated by epigenetic modifiers
Burcu Al (Germany)
12:15 - 14:00Lunch and poster session (II)
Session IV
Chaired by Maartje Jacobs-Cleophas (Germany) and Jessica dos Santos (Netherlands)
14:00 - 14:30Invited speaker
How to publish a good paper
Zoltan Fehervari (Senior editor, Nature – United Kingdom)
Session V
Immune Dysregulation in HIV Infection
Chaired by Maartje Jacobs-Cleophas (Germany) and Jessica dos Santos (Netherlands)
14:30 - 15:00Invited speaker
The 2000 HIV study
Andre van der Ven (Netherlands)
15:00 - 15:15Selected oral from abstracts
Blood immune cells of post-COVID-19 syndrome patients present with distinct
alterations in their transcriptional states
Charlotte Kröger (Germany)
15:15 - 15:45Break
15:45 - 16:15Invited speaker
Single-cell sequencing immune cells in HIV
Anna Aschenbrenner (Germany)
16:15 - 16:30Selected oral from abstracts
Plasma proteomics in patients living with HIV
Nadira Vadaq (Netherlands)
16:30 - 17:00Invited speaker
The viral reservoir in HIV
Linos Vandekerckhove (Belgium)
17:00Closing and award ceremony
19:00Conference dinner (Grand Hotel Napoca)
Room/HourRoom 1
08:00 - 10:00Session I
Chairs: Mihaela Lupse, Victoria Barlutiu
08.00 - 08.20Analysis of COVID-19 vaccination in patients hospitalized to the Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases Cluj-Napoca during the fourth and fifth wave of the pandemic
Violeta Briciu, Adriana Topan, Mihai Calin, Roxana Dobrota, Daniel Leucuta, Mihaela Lupse
08.20 - 08.40Death risk factors in COVID-19 in the elderly
Victoria Barlutiu
08.40 - 09.00ICU experience in COVID-19
Lucia Herbel
09.00 - 09.20Could vitamin D influence the evolution of COVID-19?
Adriana Topan, Mihaela Lupse, Mihai Calin, Cristian Jianu, Daniel Leucuta, Violeta Briciu
09.20 - 09.40Sepsis and COVID-19
Anca Georgescu
09.40 - 10.00Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes of ICU vs. NON-ICU COVID-19 Patients
Daniela Iancu
10.00 - 10.20Coffee break
10:20 - 13:00Session II
Chairs: Simin Florescu, Anca Georgescu
10.20 - 10.40The Oral Antiviral Solution for High Risk Patients with COVID-19
Mihaela Lupse
10.40 - 11.00Antiviral therapy in COVID-19
Simin Florescu
11.00 - 11.20Treatment with Tocilizumab in COVID-19
Amanda Radulescu
11.20 - 11.40Treatment with Anakinra in COVID-19
Mihaela Lupse
11.40 - 12.20The pandemic in ID and microbiology
Brandusa Tilea, Edith Szekely
12.20 - 12.50Updates for COVID-19 vaccination. New generation of pneumococcal vaccines for vulnerable patients
Violeta Briciu
12.50 - 13.00Discussions
13.00 - 14.00Lunch
14:00 - 16:00Session III
Chairs: Dan Otelea, Violeta Briciu
14.00 - 14.20CT evaluation of the patient with COVID-19, cancer screening Radiology
Vasile Morar
14.20 - 14.40Thrombotic complications in patients with COVID-19
Iulia Trif
14.40 - 15.00Multiplex tests in the etiological diagnosis of infection
Mirela Flonta
15.00 - 15.20SARS-CoV2 and the evolution of molecular diagnostics
Dan Otelea
15.20 - 15.40Hepatic dysfunction in COVID-19
Monica Muntean
15.40 - 16.00New biomarkers proposed in the diagnosis of sepsis
Egidia Miftode
16.00 - 16.20Coffee break
16:20 - 18:00Session IV
Chairs: Simona Rednic, Alina Elec
16.20 - 16.40COVID-19 and autoimmune diseases
Simona Rednic
16.40 - 17.00Diabetes and COVID-19
Mihaela Gribovschi
17.00 - 17.20COVID-19 in cancer patients
Paul Kubelac
17.20 - 17.40COVID-19 in patients with renal transplants
Alina Elec
17.40 - 18.00COVID-19 in the pediatric population with comorbidities
Raluca Tripon, Vlad Barbos
18.00 - 18.20COVID-19 and the pregnant woman
Cristina Cismaru, Melinda Horvat
18.20 - 18:30Conclusions. Closure
Room/HourRoom 2
08:20 - 10:00Session V
Chairs: Mirela Flonta, Manuela Arbune
08:20 - 08:40Antibiotic resistance in the pandemic
Codrina Buta, Roxana Dobrota, Mirela Flonta
Dumitru Cârstina
09:00 - 09:20Long Covid.
Adriana Hristea
09:20 - 09:40MISC and MISA
Manuela Arbune
09:40 - 10:00Pulmonary damage in Long Covid at the patient with critical/severe form of COVID-19
Adela Teodorovici, Iulia Trifu, Alex Trifu, Vasile Morar, Ramona Boja, Violeta Briciu
10.00 - 10.20Coffee break
10:20 - 13:00Session VI
Chairs: Corneliu Popescu, Dumitru Carstina
10.20 - 10.40Monkey pox
Corneliu Popescu
10.40 - 11.00Coxiella Burnetti – Stealth Pathogen and Clinical Mimicker in Immunodepressed Patients
Laura Damian
11.00 - 11.20Emerging hemorrhagic fevers
Mihai Rus
11.20 - 11.40Toxoplasma Gondii In The Human Brain Could Modulate Local Immunity Against Cryptococcal Infection. Observation In Hiv-Positive Patients
Ruxandra Moroti
11.40 - 12.00Cardiovascular Risk Factors Correlated with Clinical Forms of Sars-Cov-2 Infection
Brandusa Tilea
12.00 - 12.20Prognostic Markers in Cancer Patients with COVID-19
Cristina Garbovan
12.20 - 12.40Panel Based Molecular Diagnostics And Real Time Pcr Cycle Threshold (Ct) Values
Mirela Flonta
13.00 - 14.00Lunch
14.00 - 16.00Rezi case - Session I
Chairs: Simin Florescu, Dan Otelea, Amanda Radulescu, Monica Muntean, Cristina Cismaru
Coinfection Of Covid-19 And Seasonal Flu A And B. Clinical Case Report
Ioana-Raluca Froicu, Ioana-Alexandra Dosinescu
A Multi-Faced Aspect Of Clostridium Difficile Infection In Pediatric Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Case Presentation
Elena Iana
Viral Hepatitis A In Romanian Young Males
Georgiana Neagu
Particularities Of Soft Tissue Infections With Multiple Localizations, Caused By Community Associated MRSA
Alin Albu- Alika
Sporadic Prion Disease In A Patient With Paranoid Schizophrenia
Lucian Flutur
A Case Of Haemophilus Influenzae Meningitis In The Context Of Chronic Bilateral Sphenoidal Sinusitis
Bogdan Ghitoaica
Chickenpox-Associated Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura In A 9-Year-Old Patient
Vlad Alexandru Barbos
Human Monkeypox And Syphilis Infections In A Newly Hiv-Diagnosed Patient: A Case Report
Virginia Raboutet
16.00 - 16.20Coffee break
16:20 - 18:00Rezi case - Session II
Chairs: Simin Florescu, Dan Otelea, Amanda Radulescu, Monica Muntean, Cristina Cismaru
Severe Plasmodium Falciparum Malaria, Severe Thrombocytopenia, Streptococcus Mitis Bacteremia, Persistent Atrial Fibrillation Converted To Sinus Rhythm
Kinga - Maria Komlodi
A Case Of Listeria Monocytogenes Meningoencephalitis Complicated By Intracranial Haemorrhages And Hydrocephalus
Crina Diaconu
An Atypical Case Of Tuberculosis-Related Vasculitis Presenting With Arthralgia And Purpuric Lesions On The Lower Limbs
Agnes Csiszer
Infective Endocarditis On Mechanical Prosthetic Aortic Valve With Multivisceral Complications Secondary To Septic Emboli In A Young, Drug-Using Patient With Multiple Comorbidities
Cosmin - Daniel Jucan
Persistent Detectable Sars-Cov-2 Viral Load In A Patient With Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Under Tratment With Anti-Cd20 Monoclonal Antibodies And Selective Bcl-2 Inhibitors
Alexandru Sirbu
Endocardial Abscess With Community-Acquired Pseudomonas Aeruginosa In An Immunocompetent Patient
Marius - Iulian Popovici
A Rare Case Of Endocarditis With Pantoea Agglomerans
Daniela Iancu
Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy In An Apparent Immunocompetent Patient
Paul - Stefan Panaitescu
18.20 - 18:30Conclusions. Closure
PP01Glucose variability impacts long term immune alterations and hypoglycemia-induced inflammation in people with type 1 diabetes
Mandala Ajie, Clementine Verhulst, Julia van Heck, Therese W Fabricius, Ulrik Pedersen-Bjergaard, Cees Tack, Rinke Stienstra, Bastiaan de Galan
PP02Improving trained immunity induced by BCG with b-glucan and Leishmania braziliensis: investigating the anti-tumor effects
Aksu M.D., dos Santos J.C., Novakovic B., Joosten L.A.B., Netea M.G.
PP03A nature inspired platform for nucleic acid delivery to the myeloid cell compartment
Tom Anbergen
PP04Sex-specific influence of visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissue volumes on systemic inflammation and innate immune activation in obese subjects
Harsh Bahrar, Kiki Schraa, Inge C.L. van den Munckhof, Tessa Brand, Rob ter Horst, Marinette van der Graaf, Helena M. Dekker, Rinke Stienstra, Jacqueline de Graaf, Leo, A. B. Joosten, Mihai G. Netea, Niels. P. Riksen, Joost H.W. Rutten
PP05Investigating the modulation of metabolism to increase the efficacy of BCG vaccine
Baydemir I., Floor E., Bulut O., Báez-Magaña M., Netea M.G., Domínguez-Andrés J.
PP06Plasma proteomics shows that MICA, IL1R1, FETUB and FOLR1 relate to HIV-1 reservoir
M.J.T Blaauw, J. C. dos Santos1, N. Vadaq, W. Trypsteen, W. van der Heijden, L. Vandekerckhove, M. Netea, L. Joosten, A. van der Ven, V. Matzaraki
PP07A comprehensive genetic map of cytokine responses to pathogens in 1063 Lyme patients reveals novel regulatory mechanisms underlying diseases.
Javier Botey-Bataller, Hedwig D. Vrijmoeth, Jeanine Ursinus, Bart-Jan Kullberg, Cees van den Wijngaard, Hadewych ter Hofstede, Cheng-Jian Xu, Mihai G. Netea, Joppe W.R. Hovius, Leo A.B. Joosten, Yang Li
PP08Understanding Host-Pathogen interactions of Mycobacterium tuberculosis-infected macrophages from patients with diabetes mellitus by using dual RNA-sequencing
Julia Brake, Valerie Koeken, Jodie Schildkraut, Reinout van Crevel, Jakko van Ingen
PP09Myeloid cell reprogramming in calcific aortic valve stenosis
Wieteke Broeders, Siroon Bekkering, Saloua El Messaoudi, Niels van Royen, Niels Riksen
PP10Recombinant Interferon Gamma restores altered immunometabolism in Chronic Granulomatous Disease
Mariolina Bruno, Charlotte Kröger, Bowen Zhang, Anaísa Ferreira, Ruiqi Liu, Rutger Röring, Athanasios Ziogas, Laszlo Groh, Viola Klück, Simone Moorlag, Priya Debisarun, Nico Janssen, Diletta Rosati, Jorge Saiz, Orsi Gaal, Humberto Ferreira, Martina Uelft, Stefanie Herresthal, Matthias Becker, Lisa Holsten, Sophie Müller, Michael Kraut, Jonas Schulte-Schrepping, Lorenzo Bonaguro, Kristian Händler, Joachim Schultze, Cristina Cunha, Coral Barbas, Leo Joosten, Mihai Netea, Yang Li, Anna Aschenbrenner, Agostinho Carvalho, Frank van de Veerdonk
PP11Double-edged effects of resveratrol on trained immunity
Ozlem Bulut, Ilayda Baydemir, Jorge Dominguez Andres, Mihai Netea
PP12Serum proteome profiles of gout and asymptomatic hyperuricemia reveal common and persistent inflammatory alterations
Georgiana Cabau, Orsolya Gaal, Medeea Badii, Valentin Nica, Andreea-Manuela Mirea, Ioana Hotea, Cristina Pamfil, Simona Rednic, Radu A. Popp, Mihai G. Netea, Tania O. Crisan and Leo A.B. Joosten,
PP13Influence of Lenvatinib on the functional reprogramming of peripheral myeloid cells in patients with non-medullary thyroid carcinoma
Peng Chungying
PP14Sex-specific association between adipose tissue inflammation and vascular and metabolic complications of obesity
Benjamin Cossins, Inge van den Munckhof, Rinke Stienstra, Joost H.W. Rutten, Leo A.B. Joosten, Mihai G. Netea, Yang Li, Niels P. Riksen
PP15Traditional African diets modulate the immune status
Godfrey Temba, Tal Pecht, Vesla Kullaya, Nadira Vadaq, Leo Joosten, Blandina Mmbaga, Andre van der Ven, Reginald Kavishe, Mihai Netea, Quirijn de Mast
PP16Complement activation in patients with sepsis: no relationship with inflammation or disease severity
Aline H. de Nooijer, Antigone Kotsaki, Eleftheria Kranidioti, Matthijs Kox, Peter Pickkers, Erik J.M. Toonen, Evangelos J. Giamarellos-Bourboulis, Mihai G. Netea
PP17Different strategies to model neuroendocrine tumours using zebrafish and patient material
Dona, M., Veltien A., van Raaij I., Olthaar A., Kusters B., van Herwaarden A.E., Scheenen T.W.J., Menke A., Heerschap A., Gorissen G., Timmers H.J.L.M.
PP18Host genetic variants regulates CCR5 expression on immune cells: a study in people living with HIV and healthy controls
J.C. dos Santos, Z. Zhang, L.E. van Eekeren, E.T. Fok, N. Vadaq, L. van de Wijer, W.A. van der Heijden, V.A.C.M. Koeken, H.J. Koenen, M. Mhlanga, M.G. Netea, A.J. van der Ven, Y. Li
PP19BCG-LT: Long Term Assessment of Infectious Diseases and Immune Mediated Disorders after BCG (re)Vaccination
Elisabeth Dulfer, Konstantin Föhse, Esther Taks, Josephine van de Maat, Mihai Netea
PP20Anti-IL-1Ra-autoantibodies in patients with severe COVID-19 and sepsis
Job J. Engel, Caspar I. van der Made, Aline H. de Nooijer, Nikolaos Antonakos, Intan M.W. Dewi, Nico A.F.J. Janssen, Inge Grondman, Leo A.B. Joosten, Peter Pickkers, Matthijs Kox, Anton S.M. Dofferhoff, Marc J.T. Blaauw, Marjan J. van Apeldoorn, Erik J.M. Toonen, Mihai G. Netea, Evangelos J. Giamarellos-Bourboulis, Frank L. van de Veerdonk
PP21Leptin, Inflammation and trained immunity in obesity
Daniela Flores Gomez, Siroon Bekkering, Benjamin Cossins, Rob ter Horst, Vasiliki Matzaraki, Mihai G Netea, Niels P Riksen
PP22Gout-associated SNP at the IL1RN-IL1F10 region is functionally linked to altered cytokine production in PBMCs of patients with gout and controls
Orsolya I. Gaal, Medeea Badii, Megan Leask, Valentin Nica, HINT Consortium, Tania O. Crișan, Tony R. Merriman, Leo A.B. Joosten
PP23Differential anti-viral responses in individuals of Indian and Dutch origin: relevance for the COVID-19 pandemic
Büşranur Geckin
PP24Lipidomic Analysis of 300-OB; Identification of contradictions amongst cohort, accordant with Cardiovascular and Metabolic markers
Arslan Hamid
PP25Innate and adaptive immune interactions in trained immunity: T cell activation and differentiation
Leonie Helder, Laszlo Groh, Anaisa Valido, Mihai Netea, Leo Joosten, Gert Jan Scheffer
PP26Exploring the potential of SIGLEC15 as novel immunotherapeutic agent in (thyroid) cancer: focus on innate immune cells
M. Jaeger, L. van Emst, M. Netea , L.A.B. Joosten, R. Netea-Maier
PP27Increased cytokine production in patients with left ventricular diastolic dysfunction and heart failure with preserved ejection fraction – a role for trained immunity?
Elise L. Kessler, Daniek Kapteijn, Marleen C. Glade, Siroon Bekkering, Hester M. den Ruijter, Saskia C.A. de Jager, Niels P. Riksen
PP28RORα is a regulator of BCG-induced trained immunity
Gizem Kilic, Simone JCFM Moorlag, Rob ter Horst, Valerie ACM Koeken, L Charlotte J de Bree, Vera P Mourits, Leo AB Joosten, Jorge Domínguez-Andrés, Mihai G Netea
PP29Application of multi-epigenomic techniques to human fetal and adult endothelial cells to study Trained Immunity
Bowon Kim, Elisa Weiss, Rebecca Shepherd, Sachintha Wijegunasekara, Dhanya Shanmuganathan, Thomas Aitken, Richard Saffery, Ursula Hiden, Boris Novakovic
PP30Effects of discontinuing urate-lowering therapy in gouty arthritis: a Cohort Study
Brenda Kischkel, Chon-Kit Chou, Iris Rose Peeters, Noortje van Herwaarden, Tania O. Crisan, Alfons den Broeder, Leo A. B. Joosten
PP31Single-cell omics to decipher Dexamethasone action in COVID-19: a clinical phase-II study
Rainer Knoll, Sophie Müller, Martina van Uelft, Lorenzo Bonaguro, Elisa Helbig, Joachim L. Schultze, Florian Kurth, Anna C. Aschenbrenner
PP32Hyperinflammation in tuberculosis
Lisa Kurver, Valerie Koeken, Reinout van Crevel, Gabriele Pollara, Arjan van Laarhoven
PP33An exploratory study to identify the mechanisms of autoinflammatory processes present in Hyperimmunoglobulin D syndrome (HIDS)
Ruiqi Liu, Rutger J. Röring, Bowen Zhang, Anna Aschenbrenner, Simone J.C.F.M. Moorlag, Mariolina Bruno, Viola Klück, Laszlo Groh, Priya Debisarun, Orsi Gaal, Medea Badii, Joachim L. Schultze, Yang Li, Chengjian Xu, Frank L. van de Veerdonk, Leo A.B. Joosten, Mihai G. Netea
PP34SARS-CoV-2 Humoral Immunity in a Cohort of Patients with Head and Neck Carcinoma
Luminița Măruțescu, Alexandru Enea, Elena Dragu, Marcela Popa, Diana Antonia Costea, Marian Neculae, Carmen Chifiriuc, Elena Codrici, Violeta Ristoiu, Veronica Lazăr, Raluca Grigore, Petronela Ancuța
PP35Transcriptomic Analysis of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells in Gout and Hyperuricemic patients
Valentin Nica, Georgiana Cabău, Orsolya Gaal, Medeea Badii, Andreea-Manuela Mirea, Ioana Hotea, Cristina Pamfil, Simona Rednic, Radu A. Popp, Tania O. Crișan, Leo A.B. Joosten
PP36Identification of sepsis endotypes and biomarkers using circulatory proteins
Isis Ricaño-Ponce, Eleftheria Kranidioti, Inge Grondman, Nikolaos Antonakos, Aline H. de Nooijer, Vinod Kumar, Evangelos J. Giamarellos-Bourboulis, Mihai G. Netea
PP37Modulation of the vaginal microbiota impacts innate immune response
D. Rosati, M. Valentine, M. Bruno, B. Hube, M. Gresnigt, M. Netea
PP38Inducing trained immunity with interleukin-4 nanotherapy to overcome immunoparalysis
Schrijver D., Röring R., Deckers J., de Dreu A., Toner Y., Prevot G., Priem B., Munitz J., Nugraha E., van Elsas, Y., Azzun A., Anbergen T., Groh L., Becker A., Pérez-Medina C., Oosterwijk R., Novakovic B., Moorlag S., Jansen A., Pickkers P., Kox M., Beldman T., Kluza E., van Leent M., Teunissen A., van der Meel R., Fayad Z., Joosten L.,7, Fisher E., Merkx M., Netea M., Mulder M.
PP39Targeting glutaminolysis pathway in trained immunity induced by oxLDL
Alice Scarpa, Laszlo Groh, Siroon Bekkering, Katarzyna Placek, Mihai Netea, Niels Riksen
PP40Assessment of the pyrin inflammasome pathway in urate-induced inflammation
Ancuta R. Straton, Medeea Badii, Georgiana Cabău, Orsolya Gaal, Valentin Nica, HINT Consortium, Cristina Pamfil, Simona Rednic, Radu A. Popp, Tania O. Crișan, Leo A. B. Joosten
PP41Efficacy of bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccination against respiratory tract infections in the elderly during the COVID-19 pandemic
Esther J.M. Taks, Simone J.C.F.M. Moorlag, Thijs ten Doesschate, Thomas van der Vaart, Axel Janssen, Lisa Müller, Philipp Ostermann, Helga Dijkstra, Heidi Lemmers, Elles Simonetti, Marc Mazur, Heiner Schaal, Rob ter Heine, Frank L. van de Veerdonk, Chantal P. Bleeker-Rovers, Reinout van Crevel, Jaap ten Oever, Marien I. de Jonge, Marc J. Bonten, Cornelis H. van Werkhoven, Mihai G. Netea
PP42Clonal Hematopoiesis and Inflammation in Obesity
Helin Tercan, Benjamin Cossins, Rosanne van Deuren, Kiki Schraa, Rob ter Horst, Inge CL van den Munckhof, Siroon Bekkering, Joost Rutten, Mihai G Netea, Leo AB Joosten, Alexander Hoischen, Niels P Riksen
PP43IL-38 inhibits the induction of trained immunity in human macrophages
Lisa Teufel, Dennis M. De Graaf, Vasiliki Matzaraki, Leo A. B. Joosten, Mihai G. Netea
PP44Macrophage PET imaging in mouse models of cardiovascular disease and cancer with an apolipoprotein-inspired radiotracer
Yohana Toner
PP45Impact of pathogen-induced inflammation on the function and metabolic status of effector CD8 T cells
Bram Van Den Eeckhout, Jozefien De Clercq, Charlotte Grootaert, Marlies Ballegeer, Elianne Burg, Liesbeth Couck, Loïc Schrooyen, Jolien Van Cleemput, Wim Van Den Broeck, Andreja Rajkovic, Xavier Saelens, Linos Vandekerckhove, Sarah Gerlo
PP46Hypermorphic heterozygous variants in the tyrosine kinase ZAP-70 underlie autoimmune disease
Caspar I. van der Made, Ruben L. Smeets, J. Potjewijd, Annet Simons, Emil E. Vorsteveld, Janneke H.M. Schuurs-Hoeijmakers, Sonja A. de Munnik, M. Vreeburg, Hans J.P.M. Koenen, Mihai G. Netea, Gijs T.J. van Well, Frank L. van de Veerdonk, Alexander Hoischen
PP47Sustained pro-inflammatory effects following hypoglycaemia in people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes
Julia IP van Heck, Clementine EM Verhulst, Therese W Fabricius, Rinke Stienstra, Cees J Tack, Ulrik Pedersen-Bjergaard, Bastiaan E de Galan
PP48Reprogramming progenitor immune cells in non-medullary thyroid carcinoma using trained immunity.
Pepijn van Houten, Martin Jaeger, Katrin Rabold, Willem Mulder, Johannes de Wildt, Willemijn Hobo, Manita Bremmers, Ilse van Engen-van Grunsven, Mihai Netea, Romana Netea-Maier
PP49Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist anakinra as treatment for paradoxical responses in HIV-negative tuberculosis patients: a case series
Cynthia van Arkel, Martin Boeree, Cécile Magis-Escurra, Wouter Hoefsloot, Neeltje Carpaij, Jakko van Ingen, Sjoert Pegge, Pascal Wielders, Frank Smeenk, Rob Aarnoutse, Mihai G. Netea, Reinout van Crevel, Arjan van Laarhoven
PP50Single cell multi-omic insights into PBMC induced by P. aeruginosa
Liang Zhou, Saumya D Kumar, Ahmed Alaswad, Martijn Zoodsma, Valerie A.C.M. Koeken, Cheng-Jian Xu, Suzanne Haussler, Yang Li
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